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You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers!

Posted by Christina Ruiz on Dec 19th 2018

We get a lot of questions here at SHOOLU, and hey, that’s okay! We are always here to help you!

Have you ever ordered something and it wasn’t quite what you were expecting? Have you ever NOT ordered something because you were unsure about it?

Well we’re here to help and put your mind at ease!

Here are the top 5 questions we get the most when it comes to footwear.

Is This Real Leather?

Always read the description – You can always find your answer here. Suede, Nubuck, and Patent Leathers are all types of leather. Don’t worry if you’re not up to date with the latest shoe lingo. If the description says something like Faux, Synthetic, Imitation, or Vegan then this is an indication it’s not the real thing. FRYE carries some of the highest quality leathers in the business.

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Is This Shoe A Wide or A Medium?

Feet come in a different sizes and width and yes, this can be quite confusing. So here a break down:

A women’s medium width is a “B” width. A man’s medium would be “D” width. Usually if the size is wide, it will indicate that on the size selection. Typically a wide is indicated with the letter “E”. 

Are you looking for a wide? SHOOLU carries many wide widths and New Balance shoes are a great option for that.

What Size Shoe Should I Be Wearing?

Did you know most people are wearing the wrong size?? The following tips can help you find the perfect fit.

  • Your heel should NOT slide in the shoe unless you are fitting for a clog. 
  • You should have at least half a thumb width of room in the toe for adults and a thumb width of room for kids. This ensures you can wiggle your toes and you keep you from damaging your toes.
  • Most of the time a shoe will not stretch. Never buy a shoe if it is too tight, because chances of it stretching, is slim.
  • If a shoe has an arch support, the support should feel like it’s in the right spot. If its hitting your foot in the wrong spot, chances are, it is not for you and is an indication you need to change the size. Wearing shoe with the arch too low or too high can be uncomfortable and possibly damage your feet.

Do these shoes fit true to size?

This is often a tough one to answer. Usually the brand will let you know if it’s true to size or if something runs a bit small. Read reviews and descriptions for the best clues.

With that in mind, you can be a size 7 in one brand and an 8 in another. I know, it’s not very practical, but in the shoe biz, that’s the name of game.

Every shoe company has their own way of making their shoes. Some are handmade, others are manufactured by machine. Other factors that can take part in sizing are the style of shoe and in some cases, the material it is made from.

Flats can sometime run smaller than a sandal, but boots will fit differently too. With all this being said. Don’t be afraid to try on more sizes. Be adventurous. You won’t always be the same size. You might find going up in size is what’s best, and no one can tell you better than your own feet.

What Is The Best Way To Break In My Shoes/Boots?

Depending on the shoe/boot, sometimes you will need to wear the shoes a little bit at a time, other times, there’s no need to break them in. For example, running shoes don’t need to break in much, just use them!

However, if you are getting a leather boot, or something with a cork bed you will need to break them in. Thick leathers are usually very stiff at first. The more you wear them, the softer and more comfortable they will become. Heat is a good way to break in a pair of boots. Some recommend wearing thick socks while breaking in to give you some extra wiggle room without tearing up your feet. 

If you are new to shoes & sandals with cork footbeds, It is recommend to wear them for only a few hours a day until your feet are used to the support. Over time your foot will be imprinted in the foot bed making them some of the most comfortable shoes ever.

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If you have any other question, concerns or comments we would love to hear from you!

You can always reach us through the Shoolu Support Center or shoot us a message on Twitter or Instagram.

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