Need to polish your dress shoes but don't have 15 - 25 minutes for a full polish? Luckily we found a quick one-minute technique to shine shoes that will get your shoes shined and you out the door.

Antonio Centeno of details a quick and easy way to shine your shoes. All you need is polish that matches your shoe's color, a horsehair brush, and a soft rag or old t-shirt. Watch the video above or click the link below to get more detailed instructions!

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The Summary

Essentially you just apply the wax in small circles with your rag to a dust free shoe. Then you do the other shoe while the first one dries. Once you're finished with the second shoe, brush the excess polish off the first shoe and then do the same on the other shoe.

How To Polish Your Shoes When You're In A Hurry | The One-Minute Shoe Shine -

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